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Michael Kiwanuka performing “I’m Getting Ready” on Letterman.

You should reblog this video today to help promote something ORIGINAL and not culled together, copied and pasted, covered, repurposed, parodied, made ironic, specious or insincere. Great stuff needs to win the day sometimes.


The wonderful Greg Leisz recording his pedal steel performance at the end of Queen of California. We only ended up using flourishes of his playing in the final track but all of it was spectacular and deserves to be heard… One of the very few unseen videos from the recording of Born and Raised.


Frank Ocean - Pyramids

Worked a bit on this track… the album is really something special… We all needed this.



Está chegando! :)

1. Pedamundo é um feriado criado pelo John Mayer em 11 de Junho de 2009 que é celebrado na sexta e no sábado do segundo fim de semana do mês de junho todo ano.

2. Pedamundo também pode ser usado como adjetivo para descrever eventos ou sentimentos inspirados por determinadas situações comumente associadas às celebrações do pedamundo.

3. Este ano celebraremos o Pedamundo nos dias 8 e 9 de Junho, ou seja, nesta sexta e sábado!



Hotel room sketch…


Cover art for the ‘Queen of California’ single


The incomparable David A Smith working on the Queen of California single cover…


click here to go to the iTunes store and stream the record now. Pre-order if you dig it.

I listened to the record last Wednesday on my flight to Los Angeles. Gave it one more go round before it went out into the world… one last little listen as being just mine. It’s brought me so much joy and company and peace, and I hope it will do the same for you.



“Love is a Verb” lyric video

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